Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Most Modern Of Back-To-School Supplies: These

TeachThought, LLC is a progressive learning brand dedicated to supporting educators in evolving learning for a 21st century audience. We're glad to share one of their stories.

Just as learning is changing, Back-to-School supplies are changing in tandem.
While the classroom above models much of the very latest in edu-thought, from the columns of desks to the pencil and paper exam, the perfect void of any student work, inspiring visuals, or learning tools on the walls to the lack of any mobile learning devices, all of which promote the kind of rigor and innovation great nations are founded on, the most avante garde example of them all might just be the anti-cheating hats shown above.
Affordable and biodegradable tools that both reduce in-exam peer-to-peer tutoring while also bolstering confidence and concentration considerably, the anti-cheating hats are the most modern of tools needed to complete the transformation of your classroom into a beacon of hope of 21st century learning.
Image courtesy bangkokpost.com

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