Monday, October 6, 2014

How Sharp ARE Westcott’s Scissors? A CHA Story…

Jennifer Priest is a mixed media artist who writes about the craft business, scrapbooking and, in this case, Westcott Scissor. We're glad to share her story.

If you’ve ever purchased and worked with a high quality knife, you know what “sharp” is. Slicing through tomatoes like butter and cutting with little to no effort. That’s why chefs and foodies get their knives sharpened regularly. And if you’ve sliced your finger by accident with said knife, then you know what that feels like – nothing.

Jamie Dougherty and I were involved in a Designer Challenge with Charity Wings in which we were given 8 minutes to create a project with Westcott Scissors, May Arts Ribbon, FloralCraft Foam, DecoArt Paint, Scrapbook Adhesives’ Keepsake Pockets, Rowlux Illusion Film, and a few other goodies.

We were rushing and laughing and crafting like mad and I left the scissor sitting OPEN on the table. I rushed to grab the and didn't feel a thing. And then there was blood all over the place. I had sliced my fingers like a tomato! I got some fist aid, used some of the bandaids from the first aid pack in my project and Jamie and I tied for first place :) The whole thing happened LIVE online via Charity Wings' livestreaming LIVE for CHA event. We just rolled with it!


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