Monday, October 20, 2014

Ten Totally Random Tips for Teachers

Vicki Davis is the author of The CoolCat Teacher.  She's also written two books and hosts her own radio show, in addition to her full time teaching career.  Her vision is to help you teach with better results, lead with a positive impact and live with greater purpose.  We're thrilled to share her post.

There are some little things I have and do that make life a little easier.  Just thought I’d share some.

1) Keep a Snack Shelf 
I have a shelf in my cabinet with my favorite drinks (Fuze and Cranergy Drinks – which taste fine at room temp) and some healthy snacks like almonds.  When I’m having a rough time, I just go to the shelf and am not tempted to binge on candy bars in the machine. I restock this twice a month!

2) Use Sandpaper to Sharpen Scissors
We do so many creative things that I end up with dull, sticky scissors – I keep a large piece of sandpaper and just cut the sandpaper a few times and it sharpens the scissors. It works on a papercutter too.

3) Keep a Paper Towel Tube of Power
OK, so you have to carry things around all the time. When I am inundated with those plastic bags from the grocery store and get to the end of a paper towel roll, I take the cardboard roll and jam it full of plastic bags and take it to school and put in a drawer.  I never know when I’ll use these but they come in handy.

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