Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Decoupaged Deer Heads At Westcott

Carmi Cimicata is an artist who collects art - all kinds of art, Russian painted boxes. pins, vintage jewelry, Frida Kahlo clay dolls by Josefina Aguilar, and much, much more.  Carmi's goal is to work large scale in the next decade. We are excited share Carmi's post:

Here is a very look at the paper mache deer heads that were created in the Westcott "lunch and learn" class on Friday.  It is such a pleasure to be in a company headquarters that appreciates how wonderful a creative event can be for staff.

For this special event, the "lunch and learn" started at 9am and everyone crafted through the lunch at noon.

Everyone entered the board room to see this blank paper mache deer head and a bottle of Traci Bautista Collage Pauge at their seat.

To create these special heads, we also had a large selection of tissue paper to choose from.  It took only a few minutes for everyone to select a favorite colour palette.  Our table was quickly covered!

Read More: http://carmicimicata.blogspot.ca/2014/11/decoupaged-deer-heads-at-westcott.html