Monday, December 23, 2013

Banners of Hope Project

Westcott Brand proudly sponsors The Banners of Hope Project Charity Wings Art Center traveling exhibit! The Fabric Arts Council of CHA is proud to introduce the Banners of Hope project. 

Banners of Hope is a project built around fabric-based banners used to express messages of hope and encouragement in a subtle, artistic format and is intended to be displayed in public locations that benefit those in challenging circumstances. The CHA Designer members listed have created one-of-a-kind art banners showcasing their talents and their hopes. The banners have been donated to Charity Wings in their outreach program and for a Charity promotional event January 15 &16 that will be broadcast on the web.

The banners may be used by Charity Wings as a traveling exhibit to promote the healing art of crafting. For more details about the Fabric Arts Council and the Banners of Hope Project, contact Paula Jones at pjones@craftandhobby.org

Banner of Hope by Marisa Pawelko of Modern Surrealist

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