Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Duct Tape Party Sponsored by Westcott Brand Cutting Tools

Before & After 
In an epic crafting event sponsored by The World's Favorite Scissors, Marisa Pawelko of Modern Surrealist and Elena Lai Etcheverry from Charity Wings set a World Record for the World's Largest Pair of Duct Tape Wings with the help of duct tape crafters worldwide! For a month people from all over the world sent in their handmade duct tape feathers. The dynamic duo collected over 2000 duct tape feathers and on September 2, 2013 assembled the World's Largest Pair of Duct Tape Wings during a huge craft party sponsored by Westcott Brand with materials generously provided by Duck Brand and Velcro Brand. The party was a blast with 3 unique duct tape back to school project stations, live entertainment, food, prizes, and a 50 copy book signing/giveaway of Crazy Cool Duct Tape Projects by Marisa Pawelko, provided by Design Originals! The world record setting wings were assembled in 6 hours by volunteers and guests of the Charity Wings Art Center. The mission of the Charity Wings Art Center is to be a place for people of all ages to Gather, Give Back and Create; as well as to partner with other charities to give free art classes to those who can benefit from the hope, happiness and healing that art can provide. Please support their programs with a $10 a month donation. Your membership comes with perks!
Here are some videos from the event! Also be sure to check out the complete event photo album on Facebook!


  1. This is the coolest ever. Proud to know each and everyone of you.

  2. This is really amazing. Congratulations!